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Bike excursions in Sardinia

A round-trip by bike from Sardara to Barumini: wine taster sessions and cooking sessions await you

Total distance is 28km or 70km/17 miles or 48 miles

Difficulty: Easy to moderate, some hills

Support van available upon request

It is also possible to hike this tour, that is to say you can walk to the Giara slopes.

Whether you are a beginner or not, we bet that this will be an unforgettable day. And for those who don’t like to cycle,we are offering a fun-filled day, with food and good wine.

We depart earlyfrom one of the most beautiful medieval villages in the Marmilla region of Sardinia: Sardara. We can also organise a transfer from your hotel to the departure point. Whilst we prepare your bikes you will have the possibility to walk into the fascinating old centre, and perhaps even have a cappuccino in the plaza. Once you’re on your bike, we will cycle down long, quiet streets through postcard picture scenery, olive trees and typical landscapes .
Is there anything better than a fantastic view like this one?

We will head in the direction of Collinas, a small village with an unforgettable historic centre, and then we will tour around the heart of the Marmilla area, a region characterised by its splendid hills.

After 15km we will stop at Tuili, a strategic city during the Spanish age; here we will be able to see the musical instruments kept in the Olio Museum, and the old houses and churches. We will continue cycling in the Marmilla, but overlooked by the Giara. Here the legendary horses of the homonymous sub-region still graze freely,

And then we arrive at our goal: the Nuragic complex of Su Nuraxi (or Nuragic city), very close to the village of Barumini, the most important archaeological site of the island. The oldest part is the central area which has a tower which was, in 1470, 20m tall, and another four smaller surrounding towers, each of which represents a compass point. The complex was discovered in 1950 and in 1997 it was recognised as a world heritage site and protected by UNESCO.

After the visit, a rest and a light lunch, we return to Tuili for a cookery lesson with our friend Renata, to prepare some delicious local dishes. Return in van, after dinner.

Bike excursion in Costa Verde, through the mines of Montevecchio

Biking from Guspini to S. Antonio di Santadi, Torre dei Corsari and Montevecchio. During the day you will be able to try Sardinian pecorino cheese, produced with milk from the black sheep at Funtanazza agro tourism.

Total distance is 68 or 75km

Difficulty: Moderate.

Support van is available upon request

In the morning bikes will be assigned and tested in front of the elegant Hotel Tarthesh di Guspini. We will head in the direction of S. Antonio di Santadi. During the bike ride we will see flocks of sheep with their shepherds – you can’t deny them a greeting and a smile.

After 25km, just after ‘a nice climb’, we will stop for a coffee at S. Antonio di Santadi.

Biking for around 30km we will reach Montevecchio, where we will be able to admire the Palazzo della Direzione, the hospital, school, church, social clubs and guest house; each building has a different style depending on the period in which it was built, from Liberty style to neo-medieval, all immersed in thick vegetation, oak trees and Mediterranean scrub.

We will carry on with a panoramic descent which will bring us to Guspini, our departure point.

Bike excursion along the Sinis peninsula to discover the earth of the Giants and Punic-Roman port of Tharros.

Difficulty: Very easy route, suitable for all.

Distance: 45km

Support van available upon request

We will meet in Marina di Torregrande, (or we can provide a private transfer for you and your group) from where we will head out after a thorough check of the bikes. We will go in the direction of Cabras, famous for its pond, fishermen and especially for its fish eggs, known as Sardinian caviar. After leaving this particular town, we will carry on towards Riola Sardo and then, peddling through the Sinis peninsula, we will stop at Putzu Idu to admire one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Near this beach you can find and admire the fabulous pink flamingos that come here for a few months of the year. Biking towards the south along quiet roads, and where the vegetation is rich in the magnificent aromas of Sardinia, it will be possible to visit the Is Arutas beach, which is characterised by its sand, formed by small pebbles of white quartz, and a bit further on is theMari Ermi beach, also rich in particular colours.

The next destination is San Giovanni di Sinis, where you will be able to admire the splendid ruins of the ancient Punic-Roman port of Tharros, located at the start of the promontory on the northern side of the Oristano Gulf. A few kilometres separate us from Torre Grande where we can dive into the magnificent Sardinian sea.

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