Giara di Gesturi

The Horses of Giara

The plateau of Giara is a vast area of around 42 square kilometres and is 550m above sea level.

The Giara Park is known especially as the place where the “Horses of Giara” find refuge, the last wild horses in Europe. With equine fossils not existing in Sardinia, it is thought that the horse was probably introduced during the Nuragic or Punic periods.

Characterised by their small size, black or dark bay coat, almond eyes, very long mane and tail, they are perfectly adapted to the particular environment of Giara, with an abundance of food and water during the winter and spring, and a shortage of it in summer and autumn.

It’s definitely a breath-taking experience, when you find them along the paths, or hidden amongst the foliage – families of horses, made up by the dominant stallion, the female and the foals, who are born from February to May.