Mini Sardinia

Travel the whole of Sardinia in one walk

….imagine being able to travel the whole of Sardinia in the brief space of one walk,

you continue to travel through the history of man until you arrive at the majestic Nuragics, rebuilt in its natural greatness….

immersed in the mysteries of the deep sky, travelling through space with the unique experience of the planetarium

place all this in an atmospheric and unique setting, rich with the typical aromas of the Mediterranean…Add to that, amongst so many other services offered, the possibility to try many local dishes at the “Trattoria del Parco”, with fresh pasta, roast meats, lamb with myrtle liqueur, the unmissable cheese pastry “sebadas”, all in the discovery of authentic flavours of days gone by….And now open your eyes….

You’ve arrived at the “Mini Sardinia Park”, where just like magic come true, your journey is transformed into an….

unforgettable experience….

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