Piscinas Dunes

The golden dunes and the Miniera di Ingurtosu (Mine of Ingurtosu)

It is one of the marvels of Sardinia, if not of the Mediterranean as a whole; even Italy has its desert, its oasis protected from development and progress.

Piscinas is a true desert formed of impressive golden dunes, reaching a height of around sixty metres, which penetrate inland for several kilometres and dive into an azure and boundless sea; the impact of the landscape that is created leaves visitors breathless. It is an unmissable destination if you are holidaying in Sardinia.

Reaching Piscinas from the historic village of Ingurtosu, one experiences, often involuntarily, an itinerary full of the story of this area, which is tied to mining exploits.

Along the street which descends towards the sea from the village of Ingurtosu, crossing the valley of Is Animas, one comes across numerous and evocative ruined structures from the mining period, which create a landscape and an atmosphere that recalls a ghost town of the Far West.