Sanluri Castle

The Castle and Museums

The Sanluri Castle is the only inhabitable castle in Sardinia.

It’s a square layout with sides measuring 26m, walls that are 12m high and 2m thick, with turrets at the corners.

In the courtyard you will see the “T” shaped, stone staircase which leads to the first floor of the so-called ‘palace’, built in 1355 at the request of Peter IV of Aragon.

The castle is now divided into four museums.
Twoof these conserve relics and documents from the second world war, African campaigns and the fascist era. The third museum exhibits the Wax Collection, made up of more than 300 pieces with portraits and sculptures of various genres, made using a particular wax by artists from the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. It is the largest collection in Europe. The fourth museum is in the feudal quarter and houses furniture, décor, paintings and sculptures that date from the Renaissance through to the Risorgimento.

On the ground floor, in the Hall of the Militia, you can visit the Risorgimento Museum where you can see weapons, equipment and flags. They were donated in 1927 by Emmanuele Filiberto di Savoia Duca d’Aosta.

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