Su Nuraxi

The Nuraghe “Su Nuraxi” and the Aristocratic Residence of “Casa Zapata” in Barumini.

The archaeological area Su Nuraxi was discovered and brought to light during the 1950s, during excavations carried out by the great archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu.

The area consists of an impressive nuraghe complex, constructed during various phases beginning from the 15th century B.C., and developed from an extended village of huts all within the course of the successive centuries. This is a unique place, and was thus, in 1997 recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

A visit takes roughly an hour and it is possible to obtain a single entry ticket which also allows you to visit Casa Zapata.

Casa Zapata is a historic aristocratic residence of the Sardinian-Aragon baron, whose construction took place from the mid-1500s. During restoration works in the ’90s, it came to light that the aristocratic palace has been built on an ancient nuragic site.

Thanks to an architectural restoration project of great impact elaborated by the architect Pietro Reali, both the baron’s palace as well as the underlying nuraghe, opportunely brought to light once again, have become the seat of a museum complex.

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