Su Trobasciu

The Women’s Cooperative

The Artisan Cooperative, SU TROBASCIU, established in 1978, is made up exclusively of women and continues a tradition that, until a few decades ago, was passed down from mother to daughter.

At the loom, the mogoresi women used to produce weavings that made up the dowry: from useful products such as tablecloths and bedlinen, to decorative items such as tapestries.

It was in the tapestries that the women expressed their own creativity, mixing designs and bright colours, according to their own tastes, that brightened up and decorated the generally poor and austere atmosphere of the Sardinian house.

With the traditional, manual looms they developed endless scaffolds and diverse techniques: ‘a bagas’ for tapestries (extra weaves that cover the warp threads), which give life to symphonies of colour with precious weaves and where the symbol becomes the figure…’pibiones’ for carpets (weaves of Sardinian wool wrapped in a horseshoe, forming an embossed pattern) with which you can obtain the widest variety of designs to adapt to all furnishing needs.

The weaving centre of Su Trobasciu boasts numerous collaborations with artists and designers, bringing to the forefront projects that are developed using traditional techniques. Through cushions, curtains, tapestries and carpets SU TROBASCIU has entered the world of interior design.

The materials used are all natural fibres (Sardinian wool, cotton, linen, and silk), with the exception of the gold and silver threads that add detail to the beautiful tapestries, where we find traditional themes such as the unicorn, horses and floral patterns.

From the meticulous and traditional studio, from the careful pairing of natural yarns, ancient techniques on manual looms, symbols, and traditional designs, Su Trobasciu weavings are created.

The professionalism of the weavers, who are full of knowledge, has enabled them to today elaborate and produce priceless items.

It is possible to visit the lab and the show room!

Su Trobasciu

Via A. Gramsci 1

09095 Mogoro (OR)