Trenino verde

Mandas, Seui, Mandas with Trenino verde

People talk about it a lot, but few really know, or have ever travelled on the Sardinian Trenino verde.

Aunique experience even for a Sardinian, to be had at least once in your lifetime.

In the centre of the most well-known route, which goes from Mandas as far as the port in Arbatax, it’s the station which is located between la Barbagia, l’Ogliastra, and the Gennargentu mountains: Seui. 30 minutes from the hotel is the Mandas station, from where, in a journey of discovery lasting 1 hour 50 minutes, you will cross Trexenta and Barbagia, to arrive in Seui at 11.30am.

Here you can discover the secrets of the Trenino and “the people who move it”, carrying out a job that is frozen in time. But you can also walk through the typical, Sardinian mountain landscape, amongst houses made from schist stone, fountains and wash houses, urban terraces still used for old-style vegetable gardens, views of the green valleys, aromas and people that are characteristic of this place.

Also, you can visit the Percorso Museale Sehuiense museum, and learn how to make authentic Culurgiones. You can also visit the family cellars at 0km, to try the local and ancient products of the area.

Around 6pm (after 5.30pm), you will take the old train for another unique experience. At around 8pm you will arrive back where you departed at the beginning of the day. It seems even better once you’re on it.

“It’s strange that this train is so simply assembled, undamaged underneath, and it bends up and down, without fearing the bumps and bends, indulging the mountain’s whim. Faced with an obstacle, it turns, it has not had to dig itself a tunnel. When a landslide falls, it doesn’t get stuck, like the pretentious trains of elsewhere, on an easier route.” (Elio Vittorini in “Sardinia come un’infanzia”)

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